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Sea Canoe's Cross Cultural Education Program

Sea Canoe's educational program is fun, safe, and culturally stimulating.

SeaCanoe has an established base camp in Phang Nga Bay designed to host our Cross Cultural Educational Program. The camp can accommodate school groups of up to 50 students at a time. It's well equipped with toilets, showers, and a kitchen capable of serving large groups. While at the camp site we offer a wide array of interesting educational activities for students. These activities can include but are not limited to: ecological and environmental studies, traditional Muoy Thai (Thai Boxing) training, Thai culinary classes, and of course kayak training. Besides educational purposes, the camp also serves as the perfect launch site for any of our award winning kayaking trips. Our kayaking trips to Koh Tarutao, or Phang Nga Bay are simply incredible. And if your group is interested in trekking in addition to kayaking, we can make it happen with a trip to Khoa Sok National park & Cheow Lan Lake or the South of Thailand for a truly mind-blowing experience.

Beach Camp

Principal of Hong Kong International School

"The Seacanoe operation is in great condition. I feel fully confident in their equipment, destinations, and knowledge of the area to strongly recommend our students to continue with plans for their school trip to Phuket in March.

Seacanoe and Phuket are ready for school groups. One of the best ways to help the area recover is to continue to sustain the economy. Students on a Seacanoe trip will have a real chance to help real people.

Again, thanks for all your help during our short visit, but it has helped reassure parents."

Greg Sawyer
Principal Hong Kong International School
While all of the locations we visit are far from civilization, safety is our number one priority. Both camps are near hospitals and medical facilities. (No more than a 15 minute ride) In additon, we always have someone on standby, with an emergency phone or radio, 24 hrs a day, with either land or water transport ready in case of the unlikely event of an accident. Also our guides are well trained in first aid, CPR,and as lifeguards. We regularly check all of our equipment to make sure they are up to standards as well. Rest assured students are in capable hands the entire program.
In our Cross Cultural Education Program we aim to combine four important aspects of learning that will provide both the most enjoyable and beneficial learning experience for students. Those four aspects are: Cultural Understanding, Environmental Studies, Leadership, and Volunteer Services. We believe we can incorporate them in ways that simultaneously challenge, excite, and educate.
  Cultural Understanding

We at SeaCanoe know an integral part of any international trip is learning to understand the culture of a given area.  Since all of our staff is, and has been since our inception, Thai, we are perfectly suited to educate students about the local culture, how it arose and how it is changing in this era of globalization.  Among other relevant topics we can cover the rise of eco-tourism and its impacts on the socio-economic situation as well as the environment.  We at SeaCanoe were the pioneers of eco-tourism in Southern Thailand and have witnessed firsthand the radical changes that have occurred in recent years.  When we started out in 1989 we had the area virtually to ourselves.  Now some tourists can wait more than an hour to enter a crowded lagoon or “hong”.  All the while we have been here observing this transformation, whether for better or worse, and are more than happy to share our insight with you.  Outside of conversing with our seasoned guides, students will have the opportunity to discover the unique culture of Thailand through culinary classes, Muoy Thai (Thai Boxing), and interactions with local schools and students.  If there is a specific cultural topic you would like to focus on just let us know and we can try and arrange it for your group.

Hong Kong international Year 1997
  Environmental Studies
As we are an eco-tourism company one of our main goals is to properly preserve the pristine natural scenery.  Being the first sea kayaking company in the area, we have done this successfully since 1989 by keeping our volumes low, reducing our environmental impact, and by means of education*.  There is no better way to learn about the local ecology of an area than to observe it firsthand.  During our kayaking and trekking excursions students will be up close and personal with nature, yet have as little impact as possible.  Through responsibly safeguarding the environment, future generations will be able to observe it in, hopefully, the same relative state as it exists today.  The topic of sustainable development is always an interesting one.  Does eco-tourism really work as it is intended, empowering the local population as well as effectively protecting the environment?  Or rather are its main critics correct when they point out that negative aspects of mainstream tourism quickly outnumber the positive ones purported by eco-tourism?  These questions are quite relevant today and greater insight stands to be gained through SeaCanoe’s Cross Cultural Education Program.

Morning Thai cooking class Visit Local school at Koh Yao noi

There are many aspects of our educational program that stress important leadership skills.  Often times it will come via a physically demanding paddling excursion or trek.  These can be both challenging and exciting for students, and helps them set and achieve personal goals and gain a greater understanding of themselves.  Students will also learn valuable outdoor safety and instructional skills.  Of course all this will be conducted under the watchful eyes of our well-trained guides to ensure student safety.  Students will also have the opportunity to gain leadership experience through volunteer work on Koh Yao Noi.

Escort Boat Kayaking Kayaking

  Volunteer Services
In the past, we have always reserved a portion of our educational trips for volunteer work with the local community on Koh Yao Noi.  The volunteer opportunities can include but are not limited to: visiting with local students, planting mangroves, or helping to build or repair a local school.  Besides the importance of giving back, volunteer work strengthens the bonds between individuals and sets the stage for a more organic cultural exchange, facilitating a deeper cross cultural understanding.  It is an integral part of our trip and vital to students' full experience here in Thailand and with SeaCanoe. 
Muay Thai Training (Thai Boxing) Break fast Camp fire

While we have a generic itinerary for our Cross Cultural Education Program based on past groups, the trips can vary by duration, location, and activities. Each educational program can be custom designed to fit your school’s needs.  Let us work with you and figure out what specifics you would like incorporated into your trip!

Below is a helpful list of what we advise students to bring on the trip and what SeaCanoe will provide.
Student Should Bring: SeaCanoe’s Provides:
  • Clothes, enough for the duration of trip
  • Bathing suit/trunks
  • Sleeping attire
  • Towel
  • Sunglasses, Hat, Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medication
  • Small travel pack or backpack for day trips
  • Adventure footwear
  • Camping Equipment – Tent, Bedding, Sleeping Pad
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Kayaking equipment – Kayak, lifejacket, paddle, drybag
  • Bottled water- (at all stages of the trip)
  • Meals and snacks
  • Working lavatory and showers
  • Kayak training - & certificate of completion
  • Safety equipment – first aid
  • SeaCanoe T-Shirt
If you are interested in participating in our Cross Cultural Education Program or have any questions about the program, please contact us at info@seacanoe.net or call at +66-76-528-839

*If there is a particular field of study which you would like emphasize this can be arranged as well (Bats, hornbills, sea eagles, mangroves, reef eco-systems, geology, rain forest eco-systems, and many others are all possible). Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific requirements.

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