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When you think SeaCanoe, there are some important things to consider.

1 – Five Awards In Four years
Quite frankly, anybody can fill out an awards application and win a “fluke” award. But when a company is as consistently successful as SeaCanoe, the awards are the result of substantial concept, policy, practice – and advocacy. SeaCanoe is an activist organization – Your booking ia a stand for honesty, quality, enlightened human resources, environmental conservation and basic human rights. We need your participation if we are to promote these concepts in our host communities.

2 - SeaCanoe Staff Is The Key to Our Success
Enlightened human resources is the cornerstone of SeaCanoe. We are proud to serve you with an all-local staff, trained to international standard and developed as professionals. If there is Western staff, they only “coach” the local talent. Phuket’s staff are so experienced and don’t be surprised to find international staff training on Thai trips – SeaCanoe Phuket is the Kayak U for South-East Asia.

3 – SeaCanoe runs only great trips in great locations.
With the entire Pacific Basin as our “footprint”, we only operate in the most stunning spots. These locations must have a need for the development of conservation awareness – and you can help.

By working with pride and in special locations , we deliver special experiences – many folks say our trips ‘changed their lives”. That’s saying a lot from a travel experience, but that’s exactly what we try to do – take you beyond your imagination. Take a chance, and step into our World.

4 – SeaCanoe puts you first.
Traditional business operates for itself. Programs and services are designed to accommodate the business with hopes that weary consumers will respond. Our attitude is to provide you with the best possible experience – and constantly work to make it even better. “Take It Easy” is not in our game plan - Seacanoe designs trips that deliver top nature experiences.

5 – SeaCanoe trips start where the others stop.
All are easily accessible, all far off the beaten path. Most companies run easy trips. SeaCanoe runs trips that are stunning, and we aren’t afraid to find the top locations, and then take you there at a price comparable to or below the “convenient” trips.

6 – SeaCanoe’s Is A Consumer Advocate Organization
We started eighteen years ago as travel industry and consumer activists. Nothing has changed. We are all consumers, and we respect your rights and budget as much as we do our own. You deserve the straightforward best for your money – and we aim to deliver with the upmost integrity – from value for money to human rights ethics and environmental integrity.

7 - SeaCanoe never compromises quality, no matter the level of service.
Certainly, you get what you pay for. A bungalow-based kayak camp can never compare with a fully-guided escort boat trip, but we guarantee top quality bungalows and similar meal plan.

8 - SeaCanoe emphasizes nature and culture.
SeaCanoe exists to provide a meaningful experience that both enlightens and refreshes your life while you also have fun enjoying a remarkalbe outdoor experience. If we can’t do that, we don’t do it.

9 – SeaCanoe Respects Human Rights
Integrity must be across the board. SeaCanoe promotes enlightened concepts including honesty, dependability, environmentalism, respect – and human rights. Human rights issues are always complex in Asia, but we are proud that we only operate in contries that maintain an acceptable respect for their own citizens.

The Sea Cave Adventure

We take you inside the tidal caves and cliff-lined lagoons (hongs) of Phang Nga Bay and Krabi, where you will discover another world. You will become part of nature, as it is meant to be. Quiet and beautiful.


Eco-tourism means that when you visit an area you refrain from doing any harm to it. Our guides are well trained to respect the places you visit and will help you understand why the environment is so special and should be protected. We leave no trace of our being in an area, and ask our guests to respect this belief. We also educate local people in environmental care through our guides, many whom come from local fishing villages.

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Birds of Phang Nga BayOur term: Eco-tourism comes from the word ecosystem, which pertains to all living things and their environment. Sea Canoe Thailand's adventure trips protect our ecosystems, while we show our guests the wonders of nature.
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If you have any questions about South Thailand, the wildlife, or the natural history just drop us a line and we will be happy to help you.