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Sea Canoe Hosts Hong Kong International School

Sea Canoe's educational program is fun, safe, and culturally stimulating.

What do you get when you combine 13 kids ages 14-19, eight kayaking guides with less maturity than their students and six days on the water? A whole lot of recklessness made up of water fights, eating marathons and sharp bursts of laughter.

The six-day camping trip from March 12th to the 19th on Yao Noi Island with the Hong Kong International School renewed faith that life continues after disaster and sometimes, as in our case, with wide smiles too.

This year was the seventh year Sea Canoe has had the privilege of welcoming a group from the school. Besides self-paddle opportunities and guided tours to such places as the Lao Kudu Islands and Tang Cape, Sea Canoe also gave the students a little taste of Thai culture.

Filling their stomachs with Thai food to near max capacity everyday, the kids dabbed into the art of Thai cuisine themselves with cooking lessons from the chefs. They also tried their hands at Thai boxing.

Perhaps the real feat, however, was their attempts to learn the “Chang Song,” a children's song, similar to a Western nursery rhyme about the famous Thai elephant. The Thai are usually taught the song in primary school. An award was given to the student who could chant the tune the best while managing the hand motions that mimic an elephants unique body parts.

It wasn't all fun and games, though. The students had serious business to attend to such as three-legged races and flash-light tag. Not to mention kayaking around breathtaking islands and snorkeling throughout the beaches day in and day out.

Front Beach Games Camp

As the trip came to an end, the Sea Canoe staff and its guests, who brought books and games to donate, visited Baan Tha Khao and Baan Namjeud primary schools to spend a day with the children. After showing the children a little bit of themselves through games, dancing and singing, the HKIS students watched the children perform a Thai dance. The children also showed up everyone in mastering the “Chang Song”, after giggling at the great attempts of the HKIS students and Sea Canoe staff.

Because of a generous donation from the HKIS, Sea Canoe was also able to buy a computer for the Baan Tha Khao primary school. The day was another illustration of how far the power of compassion can go; offering hope and ease in light of even the greatest tragedies.

The week ended with a relaxing day of snorkeling before heading back to Phuket. With no time to waste, the students were whisked from Ao Por Pier to Phuket Town for a night at Phuket Fantasea. This night extravaganza is known as a cultural theme complex encompassing theatrical shows and carnivals.

Taking pictures, exchanging contact information and refusing to give up the consistent horse playing; the staff and students kept the well-needed high energy going from day one to day six. We hope that after all the fun in the sun, the Hong Kong International School group will remember their trip with Sea Canoe with as much fondness as we will.

Paddling Out : The group paddles out to the boat for a day of kayaking

Rise and Shine : The students finish breakfast before another day on the water

Free Time : Students and staff enjoy a game of volleyball together

What a view : the guests enjoying one of the Yao Noi Island sunsets