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Sunset Night Stars & Planktons Trip

(Phang Nga Bay Discovery Night Paddling)

Plan only WANING MOON from January - March 2015

Sample Itinerary
14:30 Hotel pick-up from Phuket Island by rain or shine.
15:30 Arrive at Ao Por pier is located at northeast of Phuket Island.
15:45 Depart from Ao Por by escort boat. Our guide will give a safety instruction on board.
17:30 Arrive in Phang Nga Bay and straight to James Bond Island for sightseeing and photo shooting.
18:30 – 19:30 Motor back to Hong Island and Dinner Cruising.
20.00 – 21.30 Start Night Paddle by exploring caves and enter “hongs” to touch The PLANKTONS and out to see The STARS
21:30 Motor back to Ao Por
22:30 Arriver Ao Por for transfer to hotel.
23:30 Hotel drop-off.
PRIVATE Trip include land transfer, dinner+drinks+fruits, paddle guide / insurance.
Effective : 01 January 2017 - 31 December 2017
Participants Adult/PAX (Baht) Child/PAX (Baht)
2 Price to request Price to request
3 - 4 Price to request Price to request
5 - 6 Price to request Price to request
* Child rate is applied for 4 -12 years old

Map of Phang Nga day trip

The appropriate time .
Winter is the best season for viewing the stars . The best time is between November-January to early April after this . The sky was still clear , no clouds. But hazy sun . Resulting from the burning of forests and farmland to the festival after the rainy season. Open patches of blue stars, some partially. But the clouds passed over the years. Makes it easier to view the constellations. However, after rain If there is a cloud . Sky is very clear . Because the rain washed out the dust in the atmosphere down . August-September - mid-October. The event is not to be the stars. The canopy cover . Cloud cover over time. And rain almost every day.

Area to be made ​​. Should be open . See the horizon on all sides. Especially in the north . In seating groups. To the audience , facing north . (If the slide screen . It should be installed in the north as well) to be able to observe the motion of the celestial spheres . From the east . To the west. ( The rotation of the Earth ), but if there are limits to the north . The choice facing the east. So that the audience can see the star moving up front. And the head to fall back.

Remark :  please note we do not guarantee as it is the natural phenomena

Phytoplankton & Zooplankton on Dark Moon